factadmin 12/01/2021
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United Kingdom, Jan 2021
A logistics error combined with unpredictable wind has caused the United Kingdom to shift off of its moorings. After an excessively large shipment of vaccines was dropped off in Norfolk, the UK became unbalanced and a strong westerly wind coming in across the Atlantic has got under Wales, and blown the UK a little bit to the right, and somewhat down, dislodging many placenames in the progress.

Milton keynes can now be found in Newport Pagnell, and Lands End has fallen off altogether.

They’re planning on attaching some large outboard motors to Hull tomorrow to try to rectify the situation. Speaking from the safety of a Zeppelin above London, Prime Minister Boris Johnson mumbled something incoherent that we didnt quite catch, followed by some more unintelligible waffle. Something about cheese, maybe. Not sure.