Month: January 2018

factadmin 31/01/2018

Accordion to a recent university study, 93% of readers won’t notice if a word in a sentence has been replaced with a random musical instrument.

factadmin 29/01/2018

Liverpool UK, January, 2018 A generic scientist has put a bit of blue liquid in a test tube, then dipped a pipette in it, and is currently staring at the drop hanging from the end of the pipette. We anticipate results quite different to those recorded previously by a generic scientist who put a bit […]

factadmin 23/01/2018

Donald Trump has unilaterally decided to reduce the human gestationary period to 6 months in order that woman can ‘stop evading their workforce responsibilities’ and rejoin the group of tax-paying Americans whose contributions are desperately needed to shore up the finances of the poor down-trodden 1% By reducing the time to create a new life […]

factadmin 22/01/2018

President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday morning about a new poll from Rasmussen, a polling company he often donates large sums of money to, that found approval over his job performance to be 79% from the US public. Trump also used the occasion to attack the dishonest media and the majority of polling institutions and […]

factadmin 19/01/2018

Jaipur, January 2018 : A leading university scientist has been swearing through her teeth at some fuckwit with a camera this week after being forced to mock up some kind of bullshit diagram when she had loads more important things to do. “I have better things to do than this crap”, she told our reporter […]